Ohio State backup QB thinks classes are pointless because ‘we ain’t come to play SCHOOL’

We imagine quarterback Cardale Jones will be chastised by someone in Ohio State's athletic department or football staff today.

Jones, a reserve freshman quarterback for the Buckeyes, sent a tweet that doesn't reflect well on Ohio State, Jones or the NCAA on plenty of levels.

Here's the tweet, via Deadspin (Jones' Twitter account is set to private):

Pretty amazing all the things that can be broken down from a 140-character statement.

First of all, "we ain't come to play SCHOOL," isn't the most flattering look for Jones. The English professors at Ohio State are probably shaking their heads.

This doesn't really fit with the narrative that coach Urban Meyer is trying to stress academics to his players. When one of his players is shouting on Twitter that he came to Ohio State to play football (sorry, FOOTBALL) and "classes are POINTLESS," it reinforces all the stereotypes of big-time college football and its athletes not really being students, no matter how hard the NCAA tries to beat the concept of student-athlete into our heads.

Jones is a freshman (and a highly touted one at that), and will probably learn from making a statement like this. Meanwhile, fans of other schools in the Big Ten will probably get a lot of mileage out of this tweet.

H/T to Deadspin

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