Ohio State adds a chrome helmet to its uniform repertoire

Dr. Saturday

The Ohio State-Michigan game is always a special occasion, but it's even more important this year as the Buckeyes attempt their third undefeated season in the past 11 years.

To celebrate, the Buckeyes unveiled slick new uniforms during a rally Monday night. The uniforms, according to the Columbus Dispatch, is a tribute to a redesign of the uniform that came in 1968. The pants have broader stripes than Ohio State's traditional uniforms and larger numbers.

But the biggest change comes with the chrome helmets, which have a bold red stripe down the middle, accented by white and black stripes on either side. The primary color of the helmet is silver.

Ohio State doesn't drift too far away from its traditional look, but adds just enough flare to keep fans and players excited. These uniforms should look pretty right under the noon sun.

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