Did Michigan State player try to pull an eye gouge move? Ohio State sends video to Big Ten for review (VIDEO)

Judge for yourself, but the video of Michigan State offensive lineman Jack Allen sticking his hand in Ohio State defensive lineman Johnathan Hankins' face mask looks like a pretty dirty and blatant eye gouge move.

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer sent a video to the Big Ten to review the incident, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Hankins seems to have his hand on Allen's face mask, and the video shows Allen reaching his hands into Hankins' face mask. The most obvious conclusion is Allen was looking to poke Hankins in the eye. The Big Ten will have final say in that matter.

This is becoming a legitimate feud in the Big Ten. This past offseason, Spartans coach Mark Dantonio and defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi criticized Meyer for poaching recruits. Wisconsin's Bret Bielema also was upset at Meyer for the same thing. Then after Saturday's game, Michigan State accused Ohio State of doctoring the game film it is required by the conference to send to the Spartans.

But other than some possible eye gouging, recruit stealing and game film doctoring, things seem to be pretty civil between the Spartans and Buckeyes.

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