Notre Dame wins the first contest against Alabama – Gangnam Style (VIDEO)

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Notre Dame and Alabama haven’t run into each other much at all during their time in the Miami – a situation both teams prefer - but the one time they did clash was during a Miami Heat game earlier this week when Notre Dame nose guard Louis Nix III and Alabama wide receiver Christion Jones were asked to square off in a singing/dance competition that was featured on the arena’s in-house television.

The challenge: Gangnam Style.

You know, that song by PSY that nearly every sports team (and their cheerleaders) did some sort of parody about?

Well, the mic went to Jones first and he stood dumfounded, mumbling some indecipherable words as he tried to B.S. his way through the performance.

“It was a song that I don’t even know if they’ve got words to the song,” Jones said in his defense. “It was some club song where there was Techno music going on. I don’t really know what the name of it was, so I was just mumbling.”

Um, Gangnam Style. A song that has more than 1 billion hits on YouTube by a group that was asked to perform during White House Christmas special.

The most popular song in the world.

/Christion Jones blank stare

Nix wasn’t nearly as ignorant and brought his best Gangnam Style dance with him to Miami. Even though he also mumbled the words, he did, at least, throw down a few seconds of moves.

And despite several Alabama players saying they thought the only competition between the two teams before the actual game was a tie, Nix said he was the clear winner.

“It was random,” Nix said. “They didn’t tell us what we were doing, threw us into the fire. I was kind of shocked at what he made us do, but me, I just picked it up, started doing it and just started going to work.

“I don’t think I did a very good job, but I did a good enough job that I won the competition.”

And to any thought that the contest might have been a tie:

“I don’t tie,” Nix said. “I definitely won. The crowd said I won. He did a good job, but I think I won.”

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