Notre Dame stolen BCS ticket mystery solved when thieves try selling them in a bar

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The case of the stolen Notre Dame BCS Championship Game tickets was a pretty easy one for South Bend Police to crack, considering they weren't exactly dealing with high-level crooks.

Two gentlemen came up with the elaborate scheme of stealing a 63-year-old woman's coveted tickets off her porch after FedEx had dropped them off. But, they didn't exactly carry out the monetizing of their caper like it was the Lufthansa heist or anything.

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Their big plan, as reported by the South Bend Tribune, was to take the tickets into a South Bend bar and try to sell them. That's ingenious, if we understand it correctly; it's a Swiss watch.

According to the Tribune's report, the two dopes allegedly walked into Mulligan's Bar and Grill in South Bend and started trying to sell BCS Championship Game tickets, because that's normal. Police told the newspaper that the two men were suspicious, because duh, and bar patrons called the university, which in turned notified the police. And even worse for the thieves, South Bend Police had already been notified by the 63-year-old Notre Dame fan that she believed her tickets had been stolen off her front porch after they were delivered.

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According to the South Bend Tribune, two police officers waited on Wednesday for the duo to come back and complete the sale, then arrested them, police told the newspaper. The men, ages 43 and 38, are in custody on possession of stolen property and the tickets were returned to the woman.

So, the Notre Dame fan can go to the game, and we can make fun of a crime story that was dumber than a bad "Scooby Doo" episode.

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