Notre Dame receiver Will Mahone charged with three felonies, including assault of a police officer

Notre Dame receiver Will Mahone charged with three felonies, including assault of a police officer
Notre Dame receiver Will Mahone charged with three felonies, including assault of a police officer

Notre Dame wide receiver Will Mahone was arrested Sunday night and the charges are serious.

Mahone, a junior, is facing five charges in Mahoning County, Ohio – his home county – and three of the charges are felonies. Per the South Bend Tribune, Mahone was charged with assault of a police officer, intimidation of a public servant/party official, vandalism of a government entity, misdemeanor resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. The first three charges are felonies.

Citing the police report, the Tribune is reporting that Mahone was involved in a fight Sunday night. Witnesses told police that Mahone was “highly intoxicated and head-butting and punching vehicles as well as trying to fight several people.”

An officer tried to calm Mahone down, but Mahone resisted.

From the Tribune:

Police say an officer advised Mahone to calm down and get on the ground, to which Mahone responded with, “(Expletive), white boy.” Police say an officer then took Mahone to the ground, but he repeatedly resisted arrest. Once Mahone finally was able to be handcuffed, police claim, he responded, “(Expletive), you white piece of (expletive). Takes these cuffs off and I’ll kill you. I’ll (expletive) kill you.”

As Mahone was being brought to the police vehicle, police allege that he began to “scream and shout and tried to pull away.” Mahone then allegedly was “whipping his head back in an aggressive manner, striking a police officer on his forehead.”

Mahone was taken to the ground again, and officers used a Taser after Mahone allegedly attempted to kick them.

Things didn’t end there.

As he was being taken to the cruiser, Mahone is accused of continually yelling, “Take these cuffs off, and I’ll kill all of you.” Once placed in the cruiser, Mahone allegedly violently kicked the window in the back seat of the cruiser and had to be drive-stunned again. While police were outside interviewing witnesses, Mahone allegedly began to spit on the windows and the seats of the cruiser, at which time a spit net was applied over Mahone’s head. When Mahone was told he was being transported to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Austintown to have a laceration on his left eye examined, Mahone allegedly responded, “Good, get me out of these cuffs and I’ll kill you and all them b----es there.”

Instead of going to the hospital, the officer “rerouted to Mahoning County Justice Center for incarceration.” Mahone then threatened the officer, allegedly saying, “Bro, when I get out, I got a Glock 9 for your (expletive).”

Mahone then refused to be seen by medical staff at the jail and was escorted to the hospital where he “allegedly continued to scream obscenities at officers and hospital staff.”

Mahone, who was a four-star recruit in the class of 2012, appeared in two games last season against Purdue and Michigan State. He recently moved from running back to slot receiver.

Notre Dame issued a statement about the incident Monday afternoon.

Mahone's status with the team is currently unclear. 

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