Notre Dame paid Charlie Weis more than Brian Kelly in 2013

(Photo by James D. Smith/ Notre Dame/Collegiate Images/Getty Images)
(Photo by James D. Smith/ Notre Dame/Collegiate Images/Getty Images)

Surprise! Notre Dame is still paying Charlie Weis handsomely.

Weis hasn’t coached the Fighting Irish since he was fired in November 2009, yet he still collected nearly $2.1 million from the university in the 2013 calendar year – more than current head coach Brian Kelly. Weis also collected more from Notre Dame in 2012 and 2011.

From USA Today:

Notre Dame Football coach Brian Kelly's base compensation increased significantly during the 2013 calendar year, but his overall compensation fell, according to the university's new federal tax returns.

The document showed Kelly with a base salary of just under $1 million, which represents a nearly $300,000 increase from his base for the 2012 calendar year.

However, Kelly's total compensation from the school fell to nearly $1.2 million from nearly $1.5 million because he went from receiving more than $600,000 in bonus pay in 2012 to getting less than $10,000 in 2013. For the 2012 season the Fighting Irish finished 12-1, losing to Alabama in the BCS title game. In 2013 Notre Dame finished 9-4 with a victory in the Pinstripe Bowl.

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After Weis’ firing, he spent one season as the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs and another as the OC at Florida before landing as head coach at Kansas in 2012. In parts of three seasons with the Jayhawks, Weis went 6-22 (1-18 Big 12) and was fired during the 2014 season. He hasn’t coached since.

Along the way, Weis has collected huge sums of money from Notre Dame, including “more than $6.6 million pay and severance in 2009” and “nearly $8.4 million from 2010 through 2013.” Additionally, per USA Today, Weis was collecting $2.5 million a season from Kansas and had another $5.6 million owed when he was fired by KU.

Weis said in February that despite having several NFL assistant offers, it’s “highly doubtful” that he “will ever coach again.” Even without coaching, it sounds like Weis will be living quite comfortably.

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