Notre Dame, Nebraska break tradition with bold glove designs

It's all about the gloves.

Or at least it has been in Nike's world and now Adidas is getting in on the act, too.

In the last 24 hours, Notre Dame and Nebraska -- two Adidas-sponsored teams -- posted pictures of the new gloves that will be worn with the 2011 uniforms.

The Notre Dame gloves have white palms and together the hands form the Fighting Irish logo. The Nebraska ones, which I personally think are pretty cool, come together to form the "Blackshirts" skull and crossbones insignia.

The gloves are definitely Adidas's attempt to match Nike's "Pro Combat" line of uniforms that are doled out to a few teams every year as a special gimmick for a special game. Teams such as Ohio State, Alabama, TCU, Boise State, Missouri and others have rocked these kits the past couple years, which include gloves that when the hands are put together usually form the logo of that particular team.

It's actually a pretty cool idea and adds some unexpected flair to the uniform.

Both sets of gloves are a break from the traditional clean look that both Notre Dame and Nebraska have always portrayed. Although, Notre Dame has gotten out of its comfort zone a little bit with the introduction of its retro uniforms for its night game against Michigan.

Now, don't expect either one of these teams to turn into Oregon overnight, but it's nice to see both teams can have fun with a small part of their uniform, as long as it doesn't get them any penalties.

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