Like it or not, Notre Dame keeps pushing shamrock helmets

Why, Notre Dame? Why?

The Fighting Irish have some of the most iconic images in college football history whether it's the solid gold helmet, the interlocking "N" and "D" or the boxing Irishman. So why in the world does Notre Dame continue to keep peddling the shamrock logo?

For luck, perhaps?

The Irish are debuting their new helmet for the "Shamrock Series Game" against Maryland this weekend in what seems like an attempt to outdo the Terps' uniform creativity.

This is the second time this season Notre Dame is slapping a shamrock on the side of its hats for a game. The Irish did something similar against Michigan earlier in the year, though the helmet was solid gold while this one has some texture to it. However, the luck of the Irish didn't help as Notre Dame lost 35-31 to the Wolverines.

This year is the first time Notre Dame has sported the shamrock since 1959 when coach Joe Kuharich introduced it. The fad only lasted until 1962 before it reemerged this season.

Lucky for all of us (pun intended), the Shamrock Series is not just a one-game deal. The Irish will wear special uniforms for its 2012 game against Miami at Soldier Field in Chicago and in 2013 against Arizona State at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The helmet will be the only change for this weekend's game. The rest of the uniform will be the green ones the Irish wore against Army last season.

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