Northwestern’s Wounded Warrior uniforms are gray with heavily patriotic accents (Photo)

The pictures of Northwestern's Wounded Warrior uniforms were released on Monday and boy, are they interesting.

The Wounded Warrior project has strong ties with Under Armour, the uniform supplier for the Wildcats, and Northwestern's benefit game where they'll wear the uniforms is against Michigan.

That's a lot of gray. And a lot of patriotism.

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They're very similar to the Lone Survivor uniforms that Texas Tech is wearing for its benefit game against Kansas State on November 9. But instead of the black and red accents that the Tech uniforms have, it's all American flag themed. And it's not all that good looking.

There's a thing as too much American flag accents -- that's why you never, ever, wear an American flag shirt -- and this is overboard. Not to mention that in addition to the uniforms being the same template as Texas Tech's, the helmets follow the Maryland template. It's for a good cause. But those duds are garish.

Minnesota is getting into the stars and stripes thing on Saturday against Penn State. But these, like Texas A&M's helmets last week, look good. A little patriotism goes a long way.

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Nick Bromberg

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