Northwestern QB Kain Colter takes issue with his NCAA ’13 likeness

A lot of people have been unhappy with EA Sports' new NCAA '13 college football video game, but none more than Northwestern starting quarterback Kain Colter, who was startled by his likeness on the game.

Now, EA Sports doesn't always replicate the likenesses of players because the game tries to make the players ambiguous and not necessarily the actual guys on the roster, but it's clear that No. 2 on Northwestern is Colter. He's the starting quarterback and they have the same height and weight. Not saying it has to look exactly like Colter, but getting his ethnicity correct would have been a good place to start.

Colter's video game alter ego looks more like a redheaded Ben Roethlisberger than the Wildcats' first-year starter. One would probably be hard-pressed to find another quarterback starter (heck, skill position starter) who had a similar mistake.

And look at it from Colter's perspective: He's probably played this game his entire life and now he gets to be a major part of it - something he can show his friends and family - and it's not really him.

This is the second major boo-boo by the 2013 game. It also left FBS institution South Alabama out of the game completely.

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