Northwestern, Duke lead football APR rates

Chris Chase
Dr. Saturday

Northwestern and Duke were among the leaders in the NCAA's annual football APR, which measures something or other about academic progress and graduation rates; we're not really sure. It's like a scholarly BCS.

In that vain, even though Boise State was tied with Duke for No. 2 behind Northwestern, we left the Broncos out of our mythical national title game based on schedule/syllabus strength.

Louisville was ranked last amongst BCS teams.

Team Speed Kills has a handy, graphic breakdown of the all rates from BCS schools. A list of the best and worst schools from each conference is below.


Top -- Duke (981)

Bottom -- Maryland (931)

Average -- 961 (1st)


Top -- Rutgers (982)

Bottom -- Louisville (911)

Average -- 952 (4th)


Top -- Northwestern (995)

Bottom -- Minnesota (932)

Average -- 960 (2nd)

BIG 12

Top -- Missouri (972)

Bottom -- Oklahoma State (928)

Average -- 951 (5th)


Top -- Stanford (977)

Bottom -- Washington State (933)

Average -- 949 (6th)


Top -- Vanderbilt (978)

Bottom -- Tennessee (931)

Average -- 956 (3rd)

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