North Alabama player removed from team after racist tweet about Barack Obama

Dr. Saturday

As President Barack Obama spoke in Newtown, Conn., on Sunday night about the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, North Alabama football player Bradley Patterson thought the appropriate response was to tweet out a horribly racist comment about Obama.

And, in turn, North Alabama thought the appropriate response to that was to publicly tell everyone it had booted Patterson off the team.

Thank you, North Alabama.

As Obama mournfully spoke about the 26 victims of an attack on an elementary school, Patterson was apparently upset that NBC decided to show the president on its main network and temporarily move the Patriots-49ers game to CNBC and the NBC Sports Network. And he thought this was the way to express it, according to a story on

"Take that [expletive] off the tv, we wanna watch football!" Patterson, whose account has since been deleted, tweeted.

His parents must be proud.

North Alabama was quick to respond, according to Patterson, humorously described as an "uninvited walk-on long snapper" by a school official in the article, was quickly booted from the team, which athletic director Mark Linder announced on Twitter.

There was really no other way for North Alabama to handle it. Now the Lions will need to find another uninvited walk-on long snapper, hopefully one who won't embarrass himself or the school.

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