It is not OK for a baby to be doing a keg stand, Arizona State

Arizona State is known as a party school and apparently it's because it starts them young.

This unsettling picture was snapped during a tailgate prior to the Sun Devils' game against Utah. Some parents of the year were teaching their young son — he's still in a diaper — the proper way to execute a keg stand.

Let's be clear that Dr. Saturday in no way endorses this kind of behavior.

The picture ended up on a site called on Tuesday and has since drawn outrage.

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While no one knows whether the child was actually drinking the beer or whether this was just an attempt at a funny picture, it doesn't really matter. Hopefully, when these people sober up, they'll realize this was not one of their finest moments.

Perhaps that realization will come when Child Protective Services comes knocking.

H/T to Lost Lettermen

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