No, Waffle House isn't coming to College Station, Texas A&M fans

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Since College Station, Texas is now SEC country, there's been a movement for Waffle House to expand into the area.

A staple of the southeast, the closest Waffle House to College Station is approximately 50 miles away. But for a brief moment on Tuesday, it was going to be zero miles away.

Oh, but yes, it's April 1. It was Waffle House's way of trolling those Texas A&M fans desperate for a Waffle House to invade one of the SEC's newest cities. The blog Waffle House tweeted, Good Bull Hunting, wrote a post last year about the lack-of-a-Waffle-House crisis in College Station.

Sorry, Texas A&M, you're losing Johnny Manziel and not getting Waffle House. We can't imagine how tough the near future is going to be.

In case you were wondering, Columbia, Mo. has two Waffle Houses. Or two more Waffle Houses than College Station will have. Yes, we're just rubbing it in for dramatic effect at this point.

There are two IHOPs in College Station, so they're not breakfast chain-less. But they still don't have a Waffle House.

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