NIU linebacker suspended for tackling unsuspecting Toledo band member

The band is on the field! Literally, crumpled on the field.

Northern Illinois freshman linebacker Jamaal Bass (above right, No. 6) threw a shoulder into a Toledo band member and knocked over another while the Huskies were running onto the field prior to Tuesday's wild, 63-60 win over the Rockets.

For his assault on an unsuspecting undergrad with a feathered hat, Bass was suspended by coach Dave Doeren for next Tuesday's game against Bowling Green.

"I want to publicly apologize to the Rocket Marching Band and to the University of Toledo," Doeren said in a statement. "We are embarrassed at what occurred and take full responsibility for the situation. I will do whatever is necessary to ensure that something like this never happens again."

Well, telling the freshmen during orientation not to cheap shot the opposing team's band members might be a start. But also, what was the band doing in Northern Illinois' path in the first place? Not that that excuses Bass blatantly jumping into one of the members, but I'd imagine there are people who time these things so that something like that doesn't happen.

Regardless, Doeren made the right move with the suspension. He doesn't want his team thinking that it's open season on defenseless trombone players.

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Screenshot via Deadspin.
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