Nick Saban for president? At least one voter has his fingers crossed

Nick Saban for president in 2012?

Hey, why not? He at least has one vote from a loyal Alabama supporter who cast Saban and Alabama men's golf coach Jay Seawell as the write-in and then took a picture and posted on Twitter (thanks for the shot).

Most of us know about Saban's accomplishments — coach of the nation's No. 1 team, more national championships than any other coach, guy who never smiles — but Seawell might be an unknown.

As the Tide's men's golf coach, he was named the 2008 and 2012 SEC Golf Coach of the Year. Last year, his team was runner-up for the national championship.

Let's just imagine a Saban presidency for one second — the U.S. would have the best defense in the world, it would always win but we'd never get overconfident. Pretty sure the economy would be awesome because people would just do whatever Saban tells them to. He does have a proven track record of winning at every level, so why not put him in the Oval Office?

Of course, I kid.

While this makes for an entertaining post, it's a little sad that this individual used his right to vote to essentially not vote. Sadly, I bet he's not the only one who wrote in Saban's name.

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