Nebraska WR Jordan Westerkamp makes insane behind-the-back catch (Video)

It didn’t take long for Tevaun Smith’s awesome catch from earlier Saturday afternoon to get one-upped.

Nebraska wideout Jordan Westerkamp, known for catching the game-winning Hail Mary pass in the Huskers’ win over Northwestern last season, somehow managed to haul in a Tommy Armstrong pass BEHIND HIS BACK during the third quarter against Florida Atlantic.

That’s right – behind his back. You have to see it to believe it.

I’ve really never seen anything like it. FAU defensive back Christian Milstead actually made a great play to dive and tip Armstrong’s pass, but Westerkamp somehow had the concentration to corral the ball behind his back while getting both feet in bounds.

The catch was part of a great day for Westerkamp. The redshirt sophomore has caught seven passes for 125 yards and a touchdown while the Huskers maintain a big lead in the fourth quarter.

The best catch of the 2014 college football season may have come in week one because Westerkamp’s play is going to be hard to beat.

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