Nebraska-Wisconsin tickets breaking the bank for ‘Huskers’ Big Ten debut

Dr. Saturday

Looking for tickets for Nebraska's first ever Big Ten game? They're available for a price — a steep price.

More than 20,000 Nebraska season ticket holders requested tickets for Saturday's conference opener at Camp Randall Stadium, according to the Green Bay Press Gazette, but the school was only allotted 3,000, leaving a lot of people scrambling for seats. And the demand has been a ticket broker's paradise:

As of Wednesday afternoon, there were about 500 tickets available on, an online ticket resale site. Prices ranged from $199 for a ticket in the upper deck to $1,500 for one in the Varsity Club suites.

According to a StubHub press release, the UW-Nebraska game was the top-selling event on the site this week and "is by far the most demand we've seen for a Wisconsin home game in company history."

Ticket King, a Milwaukee-based agency that buys and sells tickets to sporting events and concerts, has end zone seats priced at $250 and seats on the 40-yard line at $369.

"It's unprecedented," Ticket King president John Lamoreaux said. "We've never seen prices like this for a Badgers football game in 20 years of being in business."

Usually, Lamoreaux said, prices tend to come down the week of the game, but not for this one: "I don't see prices falling apart for this game. It's a solid $250 to get in the door." Another longtime 'Husker fan called Saturday the toughest ticket he's sever seen for a Nebraska game. ("You can throw in all the bowl games and national championship games, everything. Nothing even comes close to this.") Wisconsin students are taking advantage of the demand by selling their seats for upwards of $200, which covers the cost of tickets for the entire season. It's a price students have never garnered for a ticket and they're not going to pass it up even if coach Bret Bielema is disappointed in the decision.

"To me, if you're going to have a season ticket, the reason that you want it is for this game," Bielema said. "This is as good as it gets: The stage, the competition, the environment. I can't see anybody that's a true Badger fan wanting to trade that in for some extra grocery money, but everybody's entitled to their own opinions."

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