NCAA president Mark Emmert granted three-year contract extension

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NCAA president Mark Emmert has been given a three-year extension through 2020.

The NCAA Board of Governors approved the extension through a unanimous vote. There’s also an option to extend Emmert’s contract for an extra year.

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Emmert has been the NCAA president since 2010 and currently makes more than $1.3 million in base salary. No financial details regarding the extension were released.

"Mark has done an incredible job leading the Association through an unprecedented period of change and transformation," Kansas State University president Kirk Schulz, the chair of the Board of Governors, said in a statement. "I and the board feel strongly that Mark is integral in leading the Association forward as we navigate the complex and challenging way ahead, while better supporting student-athletes."

While Emmert is popular with his peers, he hasn’t garnered similar popularity with the public because of some of the high-profile cases that have landed on his desk, including the Penn State child molestation scandal and Northwestern’s attempt to unionize. However, he also helped with a movement to provide cost-of-attendance stipends for student-athletes.

“I appreciate the Board of Governors’ unwavering support and partnership during this transformative time in college sports,” Emmert said in a statement. “I look forward to continuing to work together with colleges and universities, conferences and students as we further enhance the experience for our college athletes in the classroom, on the field and in life after sport.”

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