The NCAA will allow coaches to use SnapChat in recruiting

Dr. Saturday

The world of recruiting just got a little bit more interesting. In the past handful of years, social media has become an integral asset for college coaches to communicate with prospects. Now they’ll have another approved application to add to the list.

Beginning in August, the NCAA will allow coaches to use SnapChat with recruits.

SnapChat is one of the most popular free applications out there. It allows users to take a photo or video and send it to others on your friend list. The catch is, however, the user can set a length as to how long the recipient can view the photo. The time the recipient can view the photo and the video length is capped at ten seconds. After that, the “snap” goes away.

I really don’t have a clue as to how a coach would use SnapChat to help recruit a player. They’d have to get creative, but I’m having trouble thinking of a way to use it that a picture message or a Facebook message wouldn’t already cover.

They could send a snapshot of a nice day on campus or a video of a celebrating locker room after a big win, but a coach could use other applications to do that too.

This is one to keep an eye on.

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