‘NC STATE NEEDS = BALLERS. YOU = BALLER’ … Looking at an energetic recruiting letter

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There's a lot about recruiting that's tough to wrap your head around. For example, why institutions of higher education spend eight figures on new facilities mostly to impress 17-year-old kids. But that's another story for another day.

Another somewhat unnatural thing is when coaches try to relate to players. In most cases, at some point a middle-aged man is going to have to try to relate to a high-school kid. It's part of the job of recruiting.

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In that category, we have this recruiting letter from N.C. State's director of player personnel Drew Hughes, who was hired away from Central Florida this week. He went right to work.

In a letter, which was posted on the Instagram account of high-school safety C.J. Reavis, we get a look at a letter that you might think is a bit dramatic, crazy or cool. But it's part of the job of recruiting.

Hughes addresses Reavis as "Big Time" to start, says he just joined N.C. State and adds, "I LOVE THE WAY YOU BALL!!" He didn't highlight that in yellow, but we're only halfway through the letter.

"We need DIFFERENCE MAKERS," the coach writes, and here comes the highlighter, "to come in and MAKE AN INSTANT IMPACT!"

In a box at the end, Hughes writes: "NC STATE NEEDS = BALLERS. YOU = BALLER." Highlighted, of course.

Here's the thing. It's personal, it's energetic and it presumably connects with the target audience. If you're among the group that thinks it's a little over the top, well, you're probably not in the crowd Hughes is trying to impress anyway.

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