Navy mascot Bill the Goat kidnapped, left in front of the Pentagon

Dr. Saturday

The Army-Navy rivalry has officially given new meaning to the phrase "Got your goat."

Bill the Goat, Navy's official mascot, was stolen over the weekend and left attached to a median near the Pentagon on Army Navy Drive in Arlington, Va. While West Point has "no official knowledge" of any goatnapping, it's probably just a coincidence that such an event would occur a week before the infamous Army-Navy rivalry game.

John Jordan, manager of Maryland Sunrise Farm where Bill lives, said this isn't the first time the goat has gone missing in the days leading up to the Army-Navy game. In each instance, the goat was eventually recovered. Bill was returned unharmed.

The farm is about 31 miles from the Pentagon.

Um, why wouldn't you make a conscious effort to protect said goat prior to Army-Navy? I mean, I know these are military folks with stealth training against some farmers, but c'mon.

Maryland Sunrise Farms is only a few miles from Fort Meade and servicemen and women from that Army installation and around it often have been a part of taking the goat.

It is kind of classic that Bill the Goat was left in front of the Pentagon on Army Navy Drive, but it's all fun and games until he gets loose and run over by a government-issued car.

"You would have thought [the culprits] would have taken [the goat] to somewhere safe," Jordan told the Navy Times. "Maybe it's time the prank stopped."

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