National championship postcard: Welcome to Miami, (Bienvenido a Miami)

MIAMI — Well, it’s almost here.

After enduring bad bowl games and lopsided outcomes, the national championship is just three days away and Dr. Saturday is here to chronicle the home stretch (sans the Will Smith lyrics).

Saturday is media day, one of the last major media opportunities for both teams before they begin final preparations for the game. Saturday is also the day Flo Rida performs at the fan fest. Not sure why I felt the need to add that, just thought it was fantastic that the headlining act at college football’s biggest game was the guy who sang the “Boots with the fur” song.

He’s also the same guy who donated the world’s ugliest uniforms to his high school alma mater, Atlantic (Fla.) High.

But I digress…

There’s been a lot of great reporting already from various outlets squatting here in Miami and I’ve taken the liberty of grabbing a few of the more interesting stories for your reading enjoyment:

• While a lot has been made about the skill players in the game, it’s the battle in the trenches that will decide the outcome.

• Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron shares a special bond with young cancer survivor named Starla Chapman, whom he met prior to last year’s national championship game.

• Notre Dame receiver T.J. Jones might be small in stature, but he’ll play a big role is Notre Dame wants to be Alabama.

In the coming days, you’ll go where we go and see what we see. It will kind of be like being in Miami without the $500 airfare, $1,000 hotel room and undisclosed amount scalper ticket. And if there’s anything you want to know, hit us up on Twitter @YahooDrSaturday. We’re always listening.

If you see me in South Beach or in Ft. Lauderdale, don’t hesitate to stop and say hello. Your picture and story might find its way onto Dr. Saturday, especially if you have a good tale about how you got to Miami (stories about sold kidneys will be given preference).

And for those of you who live in cold-weather climates (like myself) be jealous, be very jealous. It’s like 80 here – all the time – and I spent the morning writing this while looking at the ocean.

- - -
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