N.C. State’s new web series “Dare Coach D” opens up a world of possibilities

Dave Doeren must get bored in the offseason.

Last season with Northern Illinois, the school started a series called “Doeren Discovers” where the coach went around the Chicago area doing random things like singing at Wrigley Field and skydiving and documenting it for Northern Illinois.

Well, this year, Doeren, the new N.C. State coach, is doing something similar in Raleigh with “Dare Coach D.” In the first episode of this web series, the softball team “dares” Doeren to come out to practice with them.

He takes some batting practice, swings and misses a lot, and then finally hits what we’re all led to think is a homerun. We don’t actually see it go over the fence. And really, Doeren, a grown man in decent shape, shouldn’t exactly be celebrating a homerun in a park that’s 200 feet to any fence. That’s just weak sauce.

I like the idea of “Dare Coach D” because it opens up a world of possibilities. I dare Coach D to TP Roy Williams’ house. Or how about daring Coach D to go to a strip club with Coach K? Or how about just daring him to post three consecutive winning seasons and not get fired? That’s a tough one in Raleigh, just ask Tom O’Brien.

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