N.C. State fans post their own billboard claiming collegiate love for Russell Wilson

The battle for Russell Wilson’s collegiate allegiance continues.

On Wednesday, some Wisconsin fans placed a poorly spelled billboard in Raleigh, N.C., claiming Wilson as their own.

On Thursday, N.C. State fans snapped into action and had this to say:

This billboard is in the same spot as the former billboard and spells “Wizconsin” wrong, I guess, as a slam to the Wisconsin fans who spelled Wilson’s first name with just one “L.”

If these N.C. State fans had really wanted to be clever, they would have said, “You can have Russel, we’ll take Russell Wilson.” Or something far more clever and better executed than that. Really, it sounded better in my head.

While it's true Wilson went to both schools, the fact that he touts Wisconsin as his college shirt of choice in his American Family Insurance commercial should be proof of where his allegiances lie.

Sorry, Wolfpack fans, blame Tom O'Brien.

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