Will Muschamp squashes rumors of a seriously injured Jeff Driskel

Quarterback Jeff Driskel may have been injured during Florida football practice Tuesday, but it wasn't severe enough to cause coach Will Muschamp any concern.

What did concern Muschamp, however, was the rumor that started making its rounds on the Internet that Driskel, who is in a heated battle with Jacoby Brissett for the starting job, suffered a "significant shoulder injury" during practice.

The tweet that was sent by Robbie Andreu of GatorSports.com, cited a source and essentially would have ended one of the most watched quarterbacking duels in the country.

But Muschamp tried to put the kibosh on that immediately by sending out a quick release to dispel the rumor.

"Jeff was at practice today and will be taking reps at practice Wednesday," Muschamp said.

The statement doesn't actually say whether Driskel actually took snaps today, so he may have been dinged up. But the fact that he'll be able to take snaps Wednesday makes whatever the injury that may have occurred little less serious.

Andreu then said Driskel was injured over the weekend and may not have practice on Monday and Tuesday.

No one will know exactly what happened until Friday when Muschamp actually addresses the media.

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