When Will Muschamp is angry, the college football world is happy

There's nothing better on a college football Saturday than watching Florida coach Will Muschamp lose it.


It's really become a time-honored tradition — that happens every weekend — where the short-fused Muschamp publicly berates a player or an official much to the delight of cameras and onlookers.

Some might call Muschamp passionate; others, manic. Either way, Mushamp's intensity has made him one of the most mocked coaches in the country and we're more than happy to take part after Muschamp's soul-crushing discussion with tight end Clay Burton. We've even taken the liberty of clipping out our favorite facial expressions from the rant during the first half against Georgia.

At what point does this get old? Yeah, it's part of Muschamp's shtick — along with the schoolboy haircut — but at what point do the players laugh off Muschamp's attempt to voice his displeasure? Well, from Burton's reaction, it's apparently already happening.

We're sure more of that classic Muschamp charm was present in the locker room following the 17-9 loss to the Bulldogs.

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H/T CFBSection for the video

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