Munchie Legaux’s comments end up on Louisville’s wall

Earlier this week, Cincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux was asked about the similarities between himself and Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and Legaux had a very simple answer: "I'm better."

The debate — if this is even a debate — will be settled when the two players meet on Friday night, but in the meantime, Louisville coach Charlie Strong is using Legaux's words as bulletin board material.

In the locker room, under the word "Cincinnati," Strong has compiled several stats to get his team fired up and then Legaux's words, which include compliments to Bridgewater before he throws down the hammer.

"He's a pretty good player," Legaux said. "He makes a lot of plays for those guys. His passing efficiency is really high. He takes care of the football. He's a team leader, so he's a pretty good quarterback."

But this part of the article was highlighted in bright yellow:

Asked if he thought he and Bridgewater were similar quarterbacks, Legaux said: "I'm better. We'll see Friday night."

Now, quarterbacks have to have a certain amount of swagger and confidence, but this isn't the time to show it. He should have complimented Bridgewater and left it alone because a quick look at the stats shows a different story.

Bridgewater ranks third in the Big East in passing. Legaux? Seventh. Bridgewater also tops Legaux in passing efficiency. If Legaux had said he was a better athlete than Bridewater, then maybe he would have had a case. Legaux does have the edge in points responsible for and total offense.

All of this makes for great storylines and banter, but, as Legaux said, we'll see who the better quarterback is on Friday night.

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