New Mountain West logo fails to evoke mountains or the West

For about two weeks, the Mountain West has been teasing its Twitter, Facebook and website visitors with the promise of a rebranding.

Today the wait finally ended as the conference held a press conference to unveil its new logo.

And it was supremely underwhelming especially for the $250,000 the conference spent on it.

The new logo is an M and a W touching to form the sides of a 3-D block. On the complete log, the words Mountain West appear on the right and the slogan "THIS is our time" is underneath.

"This initiative is emblematic of the evolution of our league," Thompson said in a release. "The overwhelming majority of the people we spoke to said the Mountain West is bold, feisty and highly competitive, and we strongly believe these qualities are reflected in our new brand identity and our new logo."

The conference felt the need to change the logo to usher in the four new teams that will be joining this year and next, and ultimately usher out the teams that made the conference what it is today. Utah and BYU and leaving the MWC for the Pac-12 and independence this year and TCU is heading to the Big East in 2012. Replacing those teams are Boise State this year, and Fresno State, Nevada and Hawaii in 2012.

The new logo is referred to as "The Rock," which is ironic considering the conference's old logo had rocks -- mountains, actually -- to show the strength and spirit of the conference, which is based in the Rockies of Colorado.

The slogan "THIS is our time" also is a little odd because each of the last three seasons the Mountain West has had a team in a BCS bowl. Now, after two of those three teams are leaving, it's the conference's time?

As expected, the logo has gotten mixed fan reaction (though Colorado State coach Steve Fairchild says it's cool). Many believe the logo looks too corporate. And compared to other conferences that have rebranded this year -- the Pac-12 and the Big Ten -- it is a little more formal that the typical conference logo.

One commenter on a Boise State fan site made the astute observation that the logo was a copy of the BBC drama Doctor Who, which is a good show if you've never seen it.

So what do you think? Is this truly the Mountain West's time or did the logo fall short?

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