Johnny Football haircut tribute leads to student getting in hot water at school

One student's expression of his love and adoration for Texas A&M's freshman phenom quarterback Johnny Manziel -- a crazy haircut that featured Manziel's likeness -- got the student in trouble at school.

The student, Christian Chavez of Kerrville, Texas, got the most amazing haircut we've ever seen from Rob the Original, a barbershop in San Antonio. The school wasn't too keen on it, however.

According to, Chavez said he was sent home from Hill Country High School and was told he couldn't return until the likeness was gone from his head. got a statement from the school district's public relations specialist, who said the haircut violated the school's dress code, which says, "Hair must be clean and neatly groomed. Only natural hair colors are acceptable. Hairstyles that are distracting are not acceptable."

The PR specialist told that Chavez was placed in an area of school where he wouldn't distract other students with his haircut, and that he wasn't kicked out of school but rather left on his own "at an appropriate time and in an appropriate manner." The specialist also said the school wants Chavez to return to school Friday, and as long as his haircut is the same, he'll be placed in an area where he doesn't distract other students.

Chavez is planning to keep the haircut just a little while longer.

"Might as well keep it keep it tomorrow [Friday] and get it cut either Sunday or Monday. I thought I would be fine," he told "I was surprised. My mom came and got me. She didn't like the fact they told me to go home."

That's too bad, because the haircut really is incredible.

As shown by the YouTube video, Rob the Original (for whom the shop is named) carves the likeness into the fan's hair using a picture on his cell phone as a guide. The accuracy is downright amazing.

He then paints the Texas A&M logo next to the photo and the words "Johnny Football" on the other side to complete what can only be described as a masterpiece.

Manziel told media he usually stays off blogs and YouTube, but I hope he gets to see the devotion from this fan. Before it's gone.

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H/T to Outkick the Coverage for the video and Lost Lettermen for the still shots

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