Mizzou commemorates its win over Kentucky with a T-shirt. No, really.

A lot of teams make T-shirts to commemorate big wins, but whoever thought Missouri should make a T-shirt to celebrate it's 33-10 win over 1-8 Kentucky should probably be looking for another line of work.

The shirt reads: "CAGED THE CATS" and then gives the score of the game. Only it doesn't give the score. Nope, as part of the #fail that is this shirt, the score is actually just XX's. Because even the people who made the shirts, posted them on the website and proofread the website didn't care enough to watch a game against two of the SEC's most terrible teams or even update the image after the game concluded (the site did have a disclaimer about the lack of score).

Texas A&M embarrassed itself prior to the season with a lot of SEC videos and pictures, but it's backed up its ridiculousness by playing well in the league. Missouri has been on the other side of the spectrum.

The win against Kentucky was the Tigers' first SEC win, which is probably be the reason why someone felt the need make a T-shirt out of the moment. But that doesn't change the fact that Missouri is celebrating a win over a really bad team.

But trust that making a commemorative T-shirt for beating a Kentucky team that's probably going to go 0-fer in the league and hasn't won more than eight games since 1984 is not something the Tigers should be celebrating.

Even Kentucky is embarrassed for the Tigers.

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