Missouri welcomes the SEC with a good old fashioned corn maze

Missouri is a little more than a month away from its SEC opener and folks in Columbia, Mo., are doing what folks with a lot of space, time and crops do — create a corn maze to commemorate the event.

Just east of Columbia, Mike Shryock mowed down a bunch of his crop to make one of the most elaborate corn mazes ever dedicated to a college team (though, this was a good one, too) at Shryocks Callaway Farms east of Columbia. It's got Truman the Tiger, the SEC logo, all of the states that contain SEC teams and the words "A New Era" to signify the Tigers' jump from the Big 12 to the SEC. And in case you're wondering, Shryock said he did get full licensing permission to use the logos.

I wonder if Georgia will be able to see it from the sky when the Bulldogs fly in for the opener on Sept. 8?

Gotta say this is a far better "Welcome to the SEC" declaration than Texas A&M's infamous YouTube video.

H/T Reader @Babak91 for the tip

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