Missouri’s dream season ends with a clang off the upright

Missouri’s dream season hit a major roadblock Saturday when kicker Andrew Baggett saw his game-tying 24-yard kick in the second overtime against South Carolina clang off the left upright.

It was the second kick he missed in the game and on both kicks the problem was glaring – the laces of the football were out.

When the holder gets the ball, he usually spins it so the laces are facing the uprights – most kickers prefer this. On Missouri’s two misses, the laces were facing Baggett and both kicks were shanked. The idea is that the laces of the ball get intertwined with the laces of the shoes and it torques the ball.

I know, all very scientific.

Regardless, something most of us learned about from the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective ended up handing the Tigers a 27-24 loss and costing them their perfect, possibly BCS national championship season.

Sadly, after the game, many “fans” took to Twitter to harass Baggett and say some unsavory things, but it wasn’t necessarily his fault. There were a lot of things that happened to put the Tigers into a second overtime, including unbelievable play from South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw, who came off the bench on the fourth quarter to rally the Gamecocks from a 17-point deficit.

And, if you ask coach Steve Spurrier, South Carolina had the ultimate help.

"I believe the good Lord was shining on the Gamecocks,” Spurrier said after the game. “I don't know how it happened."

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