Missouri billboards take root in SEC country

Dr. Saturday

Last week, Missouri athletic director Mike Alden said the university was going to undergo some big changes as it prepared to join the SEC in the summer. Those changes included higher ticket prices (which is very SEC of the Tigers), stadium upgrades ($1.5 million to replace the field logos), new uniforms (which look something like this blurry picture) and, as SEC associate director of media relations Chuck Dunlap pointed out on its Twitter page Monday, a Southern-based ad campaign.

Apparently, a move to the SEC means the Tigers are now flush with extra cash to look the part.

While the above billboard surfaced across the state of Missouri, it also appeared in Birmingham, Ala., on I-65N heading into downtown. I don't follow Missouri ad campaigns too closely, but I'd imagine venturing that far south as got to be new ground for the Tigers.

Can't blame Mizzou for wanting to mark whatever territory it can while it makes its foray into its new league. According to the Missouri Alumni Association website, there are 583 Mizzou alumni living in the Birmingham/North Alabama area and the university also has an alumni chapter in Mobile. In fact, Missouri has alumni chapters in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina and Tennessee and SEC country is littered with Mizzou grads, so don't be surprised to see more Mizzou billboards popping up in SEC territory before football season begins.

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