Mississippi State holds a football formal and it’s super cute and sweet and fancy

While most teams a knee-deep in spring football, Mississippi State players took some time off to channel their inner 17-year-old selves and refine their dancing skills.

Yes, Mississippi State football held a formal this past weekend with suits, ties, dates, spiked punch (we assume), chaperones and, of course, participation dancing. Even coach Dan Mullen and his wife were there as official greeters.

And, lucky for all of us, there’s video.

The video is a little slow until you get to the 1:16 mark and we see that the Bulldogs really excel at the Cupid Shuffle and Gangham Style.

Not going to knock the football team, sororities and fraternities have formals all the time. It's just kind of funny because we never hear about the football team holding a formal of their own.

But when you lose five of your final six after starting the season 7-0, you probably need something to keep team morale up.

Maybe this will become an FBS-wide tradition.

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H/T to football scoop for the find.

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