Mississippi State ends Orange Bowl's first half with Hail Mary (GIFs)

Dr. Saturday

Georgia Tech looked to have the momentum going into halftime of the Orange Bowl until a Mississippi State prayer was answered.

The Yellow Jackets had just taken a 21-13 lead with 29 seconds left in the half. Instead of just taking a knee and going into the locker room, the Bulldogs moved the ball to the Georgia Tech 42-yard line and dialed up a Hail Mary.

Quarterback Dak Prescott had plenty of time and fired deep into a crowd in the back right corner of the end zone. The ball deflected out of a crowd of MSU receivers and GT defensive backs and into the diving arms of Fred Ross, who was trailing the play.

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Ross was positioned perfectly, waiting for the tip. When the ball went his way, he laid out and scooped it up just before it hit the turf for a Mississippi State touchdown.

The score cut Georgia Tech’s lead to 21-20 at the break and was Ross’ fourth catch (for 64 yards) of the first half.

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