Minnesota prevents Wisconsin from celebratory goal post ‘axe chop’ after win

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Minnesota and Wisconsin play for Paul Bunyan's Axe each season. And what do you do with an axe? You chop things with it.

The winner of the yearly game pretends to chop down the loser's goalpost, and after winning 20-7, Wisconsin went to continue to the tradition. Except that Minnesota wouldn't let them cut down both.

The Gophers and security went to protect the goalposts in front of the student section as Wisconsin "chopped" the other set. Then, when the Badgers went for the protected goalpost, Minnesota wasn't having any of it. In the fracas, Wisconsin coach Gary Andersen said a security guard was rather unpleasant and stuck a finger in his face.

"Do we want them down there, do we want to get in those situations? No, we don't want to get in those situations," Andersen said. "But you're supposed to carry yourself like an adult in those scenarios. I don't need somebody pointing a finger in my face when supposedly it's their job to take advantage of to protect and be the security for the stadium I suppose. It makes me mad."

The incident turned out to be pretty minor, and it ceased after some pushing and shoving. Here's a video, but be warned, there's some bad language.

Minnesota quarterback Phillip Nelson said that it was "a pride thing" when he was asked about his team preventing Wisconsin from chopping. Some Wisconsin players agreed with his sentiments and understood why Minnesota would want to prevent them from celebrating.

But you know what the easiest way to prevent it is? Winning the football game. Saturday was Wisconsin's 10th straight win over Minnesota.

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