Minnesota DL Ra’Shede Hageman would eat a shark to avenge people’s deaths (Video)

Dr. Saturday

Minnesota’s star defensive lineman Ra’Shede Hageman loves food.

Yes, all sorts of food - pasta, eggs, Famous Dave’s barbecue - Hageman is a culinary aficionado in a football player’s body. And he has a lot to say about food, he was just waiting for someone to ask.

“I really appreciate someone asking me what’s my favorite food because I’m big, I gotta eat. There’s so many topics about food you could be asking about,” Hageman told reporters.

Hageman went on for two minutes listing pretty much every food he likes to eat, but he drew the line at fish with one exception.

“I’m definitely not a fish person, I don’t like eating fish just for the fact, like, I used to catch fish and they probably eat disgusting things in the water,” Hageman said. “I would eat a shark, though, because a shark kills a lot of people. So, I mean, if I eat a shark, I feel like I’m avenging a lot of people’s deaths or whatever. Sharks are so mean.”

Wow. Ra’Shede Hageman - food lover, shark killer and death avenger. Seems like the complete package.

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