Minnesota AD says Jerry Kill ‘ensconced as ever’ after missing game following seizure

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Minnesota coach Jerry Kill was not able to coach in last week's game at Michigan because of a seizure he suffered on Saturday morning. It was the first time Kill's epilespy has prevented him from being on the sideline on game day.

Athletic director Norwood Teague told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune he doesn't believe Kill's condition is a threat to his coaching career. He said he had a long conversation this week with Kill and the coach is getting some rest during the Gopher's bye week.

"He’s as ensconced as ever,” Teague told the newspaper. “He’s just having to try to figure this thing out. I’ve learned a lot about it with time on how this thing works, and I’m not an authority at all, but epilepsy is an interesting condition.”

Kill has suffered at least five seizures on or around game days since being hired at Minnesota. He has battled epilepsy for more than a decade dating back to his days as coach at Northern Illinois and Southern Illinois.

Teague said Kill is working with his doctors trying to find the best options to help him manage the condition and the stress and responsibilities of his job.

"He’s always monitoring his medication and things like that to keep improving," Teague said. "It’s just a matter of, as I’ve said before, of trying to hit that moving target and find a happy medium with your medication and whatnot. I talked to him [Tuesday] night, we had a great long conversation, and we’re moving forward.”

Not everyone has been sympathetic to Kill about his epilespy. Last year, he told a local radio station (KFAN 100.3) he had received an email from someone calling him a freak. He understandably was angered and disappointed by the email and but his response to it reflected his positive demeanor.

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