Mike Slive says ‘no one will ever equal’ the SEC’s dominance in the BCS era

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The last-minute touchdown pass that won the National Championship for Florida State wasn’t only devastating for Auburn fans, but it was tough to swallow for SEC commissioner Mike Slive too.

Slive, despite being disappointed by the loss, said that Auburn “represented the SEC so well” and expressed pride for the conference while congratulating Florida State and the ACC.

“There is disappointment, no doubt. We congratulate Florida State and the ACC. They have a great team. But right now I can’t help but think about the enduring pride we have in what our conference has accomplished,” Slive told CBS' Tony Barnhart. “What we have done is unprecedented. And no one will ever equal it.”

Before Florida State’s triumph on Monday night, a team from the SEC had won seven straight BCS titles. When Slive was named the commissioner of the SEC in 2002, the fifth year of the BCS, the conference had won just won BCS title – Tennessee in 1998.

With the BCS now a thing of the past, the SEC’s dominance can’t be questioned. The conference made ten appearances in 16 years and won nine championships and as the College Football Playoff comes into play next season, Slive expects the SEC success to continue.

“What we've done in the BCS era is a reflection of the commitment our institutions have to excellence,” said Slive. “I think you can say that the SEC represented itself well during the BCS era. We look forward to the College Football Playoff. We expect to be very competitive.”

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