Mike Leach shot and killed a bear? Of course he did.

Mike Leach is not only a swashbuckling master of the high seas, apparently he's also quite the marksman in the deep woods of Alberta, Canada.

Leach tweeted he was going bear hunting with former Cal quarterback and outdoor sports enthusiast Mike Pawlawski and on Thursday he reported that he captured a trophy — a 7-foot, 350-pound black bear.

Of course, there are no pictures. Pawlawski posted a shot on his Twitter page from his scope as they were looking for black bears (see above), but no images of the downed bear itself. Perhaps Leach didn't want PETA knocking on his door or perhaps it's a fish (bear) tale.

I think if Mike Leach claims he shot a bear, he probably shot a bear. So to recap, in the past couple weeks, Leach has signed books, hosted a live chat on Reddit, signed more books and shot a bear.

Didn't he get a head coaching job at Washington State?

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