Mike Leach says WSU has no injuries, though lineman on crutches proves otherwise


Mike Leach Sunday Aug 24


As Mike Leach's Washington State Cougars get ready to play Rutgers on Thursday, Leach says his team is 100 percent healthy.

"Amazingly, over two years and a half years, we've been 100 percent healthy," Leach said Tuesday via WazzuWatch.com. "Our team is 100 percent healthy and there hasn't been as much as a hangnail in two and half years. So anything that has to do with health or injury, there's no excuses to hide behind here, because this team and every team we've had is healthy as can be."

If you know anything about football and have a working bovine manure detector, you know that's false. Need proof? Well, here's Leach's Sunday media availabilty. As astutely pointed out by NJ.com, at just after the two-minute mark, a player walks by on crutches.

Yes, college football coaches can be misleading about injuries. And depth charts. And starting quarterbacks. And sometimes it happens with other things too.

The question that led to Leach's quote about injuries was about Gabe Marks. Washington State's leading returning receiver, and obviously a focal point of the Cougars' offense. Marks only recently returned to practice because of an injury and could possibly redshirt. Leach clearly doesn't want to reveal his team's plans for Marks.

Does it ultimately benefit anything? Who knows. Lots of coaches obviously think so, given how common platitudes, cliches and misdirections are.

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