Mike Leach did a Reddit AMA on Wednesday

Mike Leach did a Reddit AMA on Wednesday
Mike Leach did a Reddit AMA on Wednesday

Perhaps inspired by his former quarterback and current Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury's Reddit Ask Me Anything session or maybe because he was promoting his new book, Washington State coach Mike Leach took a shot at an AMA Wednesday afternoon.

Leach recently wrote a book about the life of Geronimo. Yes, really.

Unfortunately, Kingsbury's potential 'Bachelor candidacy did not come up, but Leach was entertaining and answered a question about a TV show he was on, Friday Night Lights.

Yes, Leach has a fascination with pirates. It's a big reason why his autobiography was titled "Swing Your Sword."

Because of the Geronimo book, Leach was asked what historical figures he'd want on his coaching staff. His choice of Tarzan intrigues us.

He was also asked who would win in a fight between King Kong and Godzilla. What if we threw Hogzilla into the mix? Does that change Leach's answer?

You can read the entire AMA here. Unfortunately (and predictably) Leach did not answer any questions relating to Craig James.


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