Mike Leach to co-author book on Apache warrior Geronimo

Dr. Saturday

If I was to give you one guess for which college football coach is co-authoring a book on the Apache warrior Geronimo, is there any other name that would come to mind but Mike Leach?

Leach, the coach at Washington State, is a bit different than most college football coaches. Leach has long been fascinated by Geronimo.

"It started when my mom would read us books when we were kids, and for some reason I got into Geronimo,” Leach said, according to a news release from Washington State. "We’d go to the library and grab these historic books about him, and she would read them every night.”

Almost all books written by coaches are roughly the same, some biographical tale with some leadership themes thrown in. Leach has one of those books, too. This book that he will co-author about Geronimo will also focus on leadership, but it's an unusual project for a football coach.

Buddy Levy, a clinical associate professor who teaches English at Washington State, is the other author and will deal more with the historical aspects of the story. Leach will provide thoughts on leadership skills, the release said.

Levy noted that Leach has made few references to football, which isn't surprising considering Leach has interests outside football (don't laugh -- that can't be said about all coaches).

"We’re telling the story together,” Levy said. "Leach weighs in throughout the entire process, providing commentary on leadership, community and family.”

The book should be interesting. If nothing else it's another chapter in the interesting tale of Mike Leach.

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