Mike Leach called the Big 12 commissioner from the sidelines to complain about officiating

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In an interview with RedRaiderSports.com, former Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell recalled some of the more memorable moments in his career as a Red Raider as well as some of the colorful moments playing under Coach Mike Leach.

Harrell spoke of Leach’s offensive strategy, among other things, before dropping a gem (around 13:50 of the interview) that Leach pulled out his cell phone and called the Big 12 commissioner from the sideline during a 2007 loss at Texas.

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“He always talked to me between series, so he’s talking to me and he pulls his cell phone out and he called the Big 12 commissioner. He’s like cussing out the Big 12 commissioner, telling him like, ‘These refs are screwing us. You better watch my post-game press conference because I’ve got some stuff to say,’” Harrell said.

Harrell also spoke of an incident in which Leach pretty much fired defensive coordinator Lyle Stenencich mid-game over his headset during the third quarter of a 49-45 loss to Oklahoma State in that same year.

Hilarious stuff.

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