The Mike Leach bobblehead is now a reality, but not easily attainable

Washington State is trying to cash in on the popularity of new head coach Mike Leach by offering the first 10,000 fans at the Cougars' game against Cal on Oct. 13 their very own Mike Leach bobblehead.

Yes, this is really happening.

Leach is in his first year with the Cougars after spending 2000-09 at Texas Tech before being unceremoniously fired following claims that he had mistreated receiver Adam James.

During Leach's time away from coaching, he gained enormous popularity by joining the media. He had his own radio show on Sirius and did work with CBS. Leach, who is a big fan of pirates, their culture and their history, also co-wrote a book called "Swing Your Sword" which - in part - chronicled his side of the James story and everything that went down at Texas Tech.

The only thing wrong with this bobblehead is that it doesn't have an eye patch, a wooden leg, or, at the very least, a sword.

Unfortunately, the bobblehead is only available to those 10,000 fans, so check eBay after the game is over to get yours.

Thanks to wsucougars_com for the photo

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