Mike Gundy gets his first win of 2013, T-shirt lawsuit dismissed

Kyle Ringo
Dr. Saturday

An associate district court judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy that claimed Gundy owed a contractor more than $41,000 in damages after Gundy fired him for wearing an Oklahoma baseball T-shirt while working at the Gundy home in 2011.

But Gundy isn't totally off the hook just yet. The judge also ordered the case to mediation to determine if Gundy actually owes contractor Brent Loveland any money.

Loveland claimed breach of contract and emotional distress in suing Gundy, who fired him for boldly wearing the Sooners shirt.The suit originally included Gundy's wife, Kristen, but she was later dropped from the proceeding.

Loveland once quoted Gundy saying “that [expletive] shirt you have on,” was bothering Mrs. Gundy.

Gundy has denied owing Loveland anything and said he hired him on a day-to-day basis, which allowed him to part ways with Loveland at any time.

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