Mike Gundy’s bracket probably looks a lot like yours

It was a rough day for anyone who had a March Madness bracket and our three coaches were no different.

Louisiana Tech coach Skip Holtz expanded his lead to three points but he’s now lost three Elite Eight teams and Georgetown and Wisconsin in his Final Four.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy is in a similar boat. He had Kansas State going to the Final Four and Georgetown in the final.

Only Les Miles has all of his Elite Eight and Final Four picks intact. That’s a pretty amazing feat considering all of the upsets. Here’s how the coaches did yesterday:

Skip Holtz
Correct: Duke, Creighton, Ohio State, North Carolina, Florida, San Diego State, Kansas, Minnesota, Temple, Miami, Indiana, Illinois
Incorrect: Wisconsin, Kansas State, Notre Dame, Georgetown,
Total points: 24

Les Miles
Correct: Duke, Creighton, Ole Miss, Ohio State, Iowa State, North Carolina, Florida, San Diego State, Kansas, Minnesota, Miami, Indiana.
Incorrect: Kansas State, Georgetown, N.C. State, Colorado
Total points: 22

Mike Gundy
Correct: Duke, Creighton, Ohio State, Iowa State, North Carolina, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, Temple, Miami, Indiana
Incorrect:Wisconsin, Kansas State, Georgetown, Oklahoma, Colorado.
Total Points: 21

In the second round, each game is now worth two points, which will allow Miles and Gundy to close the gap on Holtz. Unless there are more major upsets, Miles could take command of the bracket challenge by the end of the day.

Here are the picks for Saturday. If the coach does have a team in the mix, it’s noted with the word “OUT”

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