Mike Davis stands by his cheap shot low block after penalty and Big 12 reprimand

Texas wide receiver Mike Davis said that he doesn't regret the low block that he threw Thursday against Iowa State's Deon Broomfield that drew a 15 yard personal foul penalty and was labeled a cheap shot by almost everyone who saw it.

In fact, he says he'd do it again.

Why is he saying that? Well, perhaps because he wasn't suspended by the Big 12. Instead he was 'reprimanded,' though you can see what good that reprimand actually did. Perhaps the league is wishing that it suspended Davis now? He did apologize for not hearing the whistle and did say he felt bad. But not too bad, apparently, if he said he'd do it again.

It's also not a good idea for Davis to be making these remarks without the conference in the equation. By defending his actions so virulently, he's making himself a target for defensive backs. You think someone isn't going to want to hit Davis low now for his lack of remorse?

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